The First Board Meeting

The First Meeting of the Harbor Point Board of Directors

The first meeting of the Board was held at the Tavern Club, 333 N. Michigan Avenue, on December 7, 1977 at 12 noon.

Fifteen directors were present along with representatives from the managing agent Sudler & Company, one of whom, C. Snelling Robinson, was acting chairman. The principal order of business was to elect officers. Miss Margery O’Dea was the newest member of the management staff and the person who would be working directly with the Board.

A management report was given which in part outlined the Commonwealth Edison failure the night of December 16th of the previous year. Power was off for approximately 12 hours to the freight, lower rise and the hydraulic shuttle elevators, and to some, but not all, floors.

Two names were put into nomination for President, one of whom declined, and so Mr. Milton Meyers was elected unanimously. It had been agreed to expand the officers’ number to include an Assistant Treasurer, an Assistant Secretary, and a 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents.

Following the election of officers, there was a discussion about committees. In addition to 7 committees[1] that were already functioning, three new ones (Admissions, Insurance, and Legal) were created.

The second meeting of the Board was scheduled for January 19, 1978, at 7:30 PM in the South Function Room.

February 15, 2013

1. The seven (7) committees were: Finance and Personnel; Safety and Security; Building Services; Rules and Regulations; Recreation and Social Activities; Property, Facilities and Capital Improvements; and Internal Communications.