Moses Villase├▒or

Moses is the longest tenured employee at Harbor Point. He can remember the exact date he started because it happened to have coincided with his wife’s birthday, February 15th of 1977. His father had started working at Harbor Point the year before.

He was born and raised in Chicago. He and his wife have two sons, a daughter, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren who are 5 and 2 years old. The 2 year old is also named Moses.

Moses and his father worked together at Harbor Point for many years, though on different shifts. At first, he recalls, there were 13 people on the engineering staff that included the maintenance people. It was a time when many units were still empty, there wasn’t even carpeting in many units, and the sales office occupied the entire 13th floor.

He remembers when there were no huge metal fences restricting access to the patio and to the area around the east side of the building. The space on Concourse, now occupied by the dry cleaners, was owned by the Sudler Management Company and used for storage.

The area that is presently the Health Club was three separate spaces: the Aerobics Room was the entire Health Club, the area in the corner where the treadmills are was an Administrative Office, and the rest of the space was a lounge that included a TV. The whirlpool was originally lined with the same tiles that are on the floor of the pool area, but after some leakage, it was changed to one made of plexiglass. Ping-pong tables were in the Pool Lounge. In the area across from the pool and inside the door from the patio were machines that dispensed food and soda. They were removed when the grocery store opened.

And of course he remembers very well when Lake Shore Drive was relocated to the east of our building.

Moses began working the shift from 3:30 until mid-night. At that time the building had a huge compactor. Large dumpsters were filled and picked up twice a week. His job was to deal with the garbage, keep P4 clean, and do service calls which, to the best of his memory, were billed back to owners at the rate of $6.25 an hour. From time to time he also cared for the pool.

Eventually, Moses assumed his current position in Receiving, the 7 am to 3 pm shift, where he deals with the US mail, FedEx, UPS, contractors, movers, deliveries and cleaning. It keeps him busy!

March 12, 2013