Building History

Harbor Point was designed by the architectural firm of Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz & Associates, and built by Ragnar Benson, Inc. The triangular design allowed for an efficient use of space and gives the building strength against high winds. All mechanical equipment, elevators, and exit stairs are located in the core of the building allowing the space around core for living space. Dark anodized aluminum curtain walls and tinted solar gray glass give Harbor Point a distinctive reflective surface as well as solar insulation.

Harbor Point was built on landfill formerly occupied by the downtown yards of the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad. As part of the Illinois Center, Harbor Point was designed to connect to other buildings in the area via a three level traffic circulation system: local traffic on the upper level (Lobby Level), through traffic on the middle level with pedestrian corridors (Concourse Level) linking to nearby buildings, and the lower level for truck and delivery traffic.


  • 54 Stories
  • 742 Units
  • Height 551 ft (168 m)


  • September, 1973 Construction began
  • Fall, 1974 First occupant moved in
  • 1975 A recession coupled with the condominium conversion of Outer Drive East hampered sales at Harbor Point
  • Summer, 1976 Harbor Point Venture sold their interest in all unsold units to Harbor Point, Incorporated
  • August 1, 1976 Harbor Point, Inc. selected Sudler & Company as sales and management agent
  • August, 1976 1/3rd of the Harbor Point units had been sold
  • Dec., 1976 – Dec.,1977 Sales dramatically increased
  • December, 1977 Control of the building was passed to a Board of Directors consisting of 15 unit owners
  • March, 1978 Last residential unit was sold